Phase 2: Drawing & Specification Package

Once a floor plan is chosen, we can move into the second phase of the renovation or new build. The second phase uses AutoCAD to draft applicable plans, such as demolition plans, construction plans, RCP (electrical) plans, as well as furniture and finish plans. These comprehensive plans include construction, material and finishing notes that will help guide estimators and contractors. The amount of detail in our plans helps to eliminate any guess work that may arise during the process.

Multiple elevations of your project are drafted to show precise detailing. AutoCAD and Cabnetware software is used to create custom cabinetry drawings which are extremely detailed and in-depth. 

Once the plans are completed and the new materials and finishings are selected, a specification package is created. The visual specification package puts together every piece of the renovation or new construction puzzle so that you can see your new living space become a reality. The package includes the materials, furniture, finishings and fixtures within your space, and are referred back to their location in the drawing package.

Before the construction process begins, you will have the opportunity to review the specification package as well as the drawing package. At this point, you are free to make any changes that you would like. Once you are satisfied with the package, the construction process can begin.

BLOCK strives to keep our clients informed and aware during the entire process. By keeping you informed every step of the way and providing you with highly detailed technological drawings and information sheets, we are able to avoid any unwelcome design surprises during the construction phase.

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