Phase 1: Conceptual Design & Space Planning

Kara’s first priority in the renovation & construction process is to determine what her clients are looking to get out of their entire living space. While Kara specializes in kitchen and bathroom design, services are available for all rooms in your home. 

BLOCK is committed to creating living spaces based on client preferences. During the first creative meeting, Kara asks that her clients share their inspirations, their visions and any interior design styles that are admired. These creative meetings will help Kara understand your expectations and your needs so that she can make your interior design dreams become a reality.

Once Kara has her client’s creative vision and all necessary measurements, she begins to design your living space using digital technology. By working with AutoCAD software, she have no restrictions on what can be drafted. Kara is also able to create multiple 2D drawings of the same space so that we can present different options.

Kara will discuss the benefits of each option as well as integrate any new ideas that may arise while reviewing the preliminary plans.

circle-button Phase 2: Drawing & Specification Package