Lone Wolf Interiors Featured in Business Examiner Magazine!

Quoted from Business Examiner Magazine (November 2019):

With Lone Wolf Interiors, every

home is an original piece of art.

As owner Kara Hihn approaches her 10th year in the interior design industry, she decided to rebrand her business, formerly known as Block Interior Design. “I changed the name to Lone Wolf Interiors this summer,” she said. “The company went through some transitions, moving from Parksville to Nanaimo, and I wanted to come up with a new name and brand that more closely represented what I do and who I am.” The new name helps to differentiate herself in the design world.

As an independent individual, Hihn brings a unique personal touch to the industry, with an unconventional approach to the creative process. “I always want to mold my style to whatever my client needs, but I also work hard to make each project unique,” she says. “I try not to reuse any ideas, finishes, or anything I’ve used in other projects, unless it’s specifically requested. I really like to push the boundaries, and be more creative and bold, rather than conservative.” Lone Wolf Interiors also has a reputation for a hands-on design process. Hihn intentionally limits the number of projects she takes on (which are located all over the Island), in order to ensure that each client receives her full creative attention. Hihn founded the business, an interior design company which specializes in residential renovation and new construction, in 2013.

Born and raised in Alberta, she graduated from the Art Institute of Vancouver with an Interior Design Diploma in 2010. Upon graduating, she worked in Vancouver for a couple years before moving to the Island. “I was mostly doing cabinetry at the time, but when people found out about my diploma, they started asking about what interior design services I could offer,” she says. She decided to pursue interior design work full time, and went out on her own. She worked out of her home as she built a client base, then moved into a studio she designed located in Parksville. After realizing that many clients preferred to have onsite meetings, and were located in Nanaimo, she decided to relocate to the city. Today, she operates on an appointment only schedule. “I do full packages instead of an hourly rate,” she says. “This works well with my business model, as I also sell blinds and furniture in addition to design services.” As a new service, Hihn is offering complimentary blind quotes in addition to her design packages.

Lone Wolf Interiors is a one-woman operation, so Hihn is always personally working with her clients. “From client feedback, I’ve noticed that a lot of customers find me approachable and easy to work with,” she says. For Hihn, interior design has become more of a passion than a job. “I love my job, and I care for my customers,” she says. “Designing spaces in your home can be a really stressful process, and there’s usually a lot of money involved, so it helps to give that personal care. I’m really involved, and want what’s best for my customers.” Hihn believes that this philosophy has been key to her success. Now that Lone Wolf Interiors has a solid client base, she has established herself as a successful woman in the construction industry. In the coming years, Hihn hopes to continue to offer high-quality personable interior design service. “I’m always looking at expanding my supplier base and giving my clients more options, but other than that, I’m content to offer the same consistent services.”


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