Business Name Change

Valued Clients, We are currently in the process of changing our business name from BLOCK a drafting and design company to BLOCK Residential Interior Design a Division of 1034046 B.C Ltd. We are updating our webpage, webpage address as well as our email address. We expect the transformation process to take a few weeks. We absolutely loved our previous business name. However, there was some confusion as to whether we were architects or engineers. BLOCK works alongside these professionals but they are not a part of BLOCK's staff. At BLOCK, we strive to be experts in Interior Design with a special focus on kitchen and bathroom design. Kitchen and bathroom design is BLOCK's specialty which makes us unique when compared with other designers. At BLOCK, our focus is committed to creating exceptional design packages that focus solely on Interior Design. BLOCK works with the support of architectural and engineering professionals to provide you with custom interior design packages. By making this our objective, we are able to ensure that your project is looked after from start to finish and that you receive the outcome that you are expecting.

BLOCK was honored to be nominated for the 2015 Business Achievement Award which recognizes a new business "that has demonstrated outstanding growth and success within its first five years of operation.” At BLOCK, we will continue to strive for excellence and we want to thank you for your continued support.

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